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DAPHNE Project: "Ways of Implementing the EU directives on Violence against Children, Young People and Women: Good Practices and Recommendations"

OPHR Malta was one of the partners which contributed towards the project: ’Ways of implementing the EU directives on violence against women, children and youth: good practices and recommendations’. OPHR signed a partnership agreement with University of Ljubljana (lead partner) in December 2007. This 2-year project was led by the University of Ljubljana and involved research in the 10 countries that accessed the EU in 2004. It was implemented with the support of the EC Daphne III Programme.

Legislations on violence against women, children and youth in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia were scanned and analysed for the period extending from 1991 to 2006.  Partner organisations from these countries provided the information and data which was the basis for the analysis conducted by the research team at the University of Ljubljana.

As part of the project, OPHR compiled an analysis of Maltese law and policies in relation to issues of violence against children, young people and women. The analysis was based on a questionnaire provided by the lead partner.

OPHR also participated in two workshops as well as in an international conference held in Ljubljana (20-22nd March 2009). The project partners launched a final publication in September 2009, called Violence in the EU Examined’, as well as general recommendations gathered in a leaflet. These recommendations were sent to policy makers at national and EU levels.